We don’t just want to run a restaurant. We want to change the way you eat.

We want to help you reach your goals, nourish your body with natural ingredients, and serve tasty food at the same time.

I know that might sound like an impossible task, but when we first started Athlete’s Kitchen that was our mindset. And it still is today.

Before it all started… 

Before opening Athlete’s Kitchen we talked a lot about healthy living: the benefits, the difficulties, and the costs. We knew we wanted to create a place that didn’t just feed people. We wanted to serve food that was delicious and nutritious, convenient but not processed, bursting with flavour yet 100% natural and free of harmful preservatives, additives, and GMOs.

From a young age I was passionate about my health. My natural curiosity drove me to read every book about diet and health that I could get my hands on. What I came to realize was that the food system in North America isn’t designed with your health in mind.

Driving down the streets of Toronto I saw countless fast-food joints and gourmet restaurants that used unhealthy products to enhance the taste and flavour of their food. It’s one of the big reasons why so many people struggle with their weight, energy levels, and general health.

Every day the current food system is jeopardizing our health and our future. All of the unnatural foods, filled with sugar and preservatives, are great for making money. They’re cheap, they don’t spoil, and they even help the pharmaceutical industry sell more pills.

But they don’t help you. 

Our bodies are designed to eat natural foods that give our cells energy and provide the nutrients we need to feel great. Unhealthy foods may taste good, but they lead to all kinds of health issues, like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

If we truly want to be healthy, we need to look at the underlying issue, not for a quick fix. The core of the problem is how we eat, and that’s why we’re so passionate about changing it.

My life, my passion, our health 

I care about my health so much because I know this body is the only one I’m going to get in this life. I take the responsibility of caring for it seriously.

And I know that you do too.

Everyone wants to lead a long, healthy, and happy life, but with all the misleading information out there, it can be confusing. Constantly being surrounded by addictive, unnatural, and unhealthy foods, can make it nearly impossible to eat right.

That’s why we started Athlete’s Kitchen. We wanted to make it easier for you to lead the healthy lifestyle you deserve, to look the way you want, and to feel the way you should.

That’s why we created convenient meal plans that are just as easy as TV dinners or fast food, but packed full of natural whole foods and essential nutrients. You can order online, have them delivered straight to your door twice a week, and eat mouth-watering, nutritious meals every day of the week without ever having to cook. Health and convenience. Or, if you’re out and about, you can always drop by our store in Liberty Village and pick up healthy food on the go. Feel free to stop and chat about health and nutrition.


At Athlete’s Kitchen, we change the way you eat. It’s why we do what we do.

Credits: Steele Roddick is a creative writer and fellow health enthusiast. You can read more of his work at thesteeleroddick.com