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Artifical light and learning to unplug

The light bulb was one of the greatest inventions in history. We light our homes, hospitals, streets and more. With the innovation of Artificial light came new jobs, and the practice of the “night shift” was created. Now businesses could operate around the clock.

In today’s world, we often come home switch on the lights, and watch our favorite TV show over dinner. Then often spend hours on the computer or mobile device. What may seem pretty normal to us was never possible many years ago. In fact, it’s quite unnatural for humans to live this way. Throughout history, we’d get up to the bright light of the sun and go to sleep as the day gets dark.

We are now exposed to bright light at odd hours of the day that increases our stress hormones, in which they naturally think it’s day time and we need to wake up. At this point you might question what the solution could be, especially given the thought of giving up modern technology just isn’t an option for most.

We’ve compiled the challenges and solutions to reduce the negative effects artificial light could have on you:

  • When you are coming home and need to unwind, dim the lights, or light a candle instead.
  • If you are watching your favorite show, try using a back light.
  • If it’s getting too late then give yourself a limit and shut off, know that there will be another day to continue.
  • If you must work on that overdue project, look at apps that block blue light such as: f.lux. Apple devices also come with a feature called: night shift.
  • Pick up a pair of blue blocker glasses, that’s if you’re not on the dating seen, otherwise get the cooler version.

Keep these simple tips in mind as part of your overall health and wellness goals. Remember, artificial light, being too bight at the wrong times can and will increase our stress hormones. In turn, it can be leaving us us feeling restless and foggy. Try these out to flick the switch and start feeling healthier.