Many people believe that eating less, eating ‘light’ or skipping meals is the ticket to losing weight and staying slim. But lack of nutrients and a unbalanced diet deplete muscle mass and you not only re-gain any weight you lost, you add more. It’s a short-term solution with long-term health risks.

You can eat more and weigh less by eating right. And it starts with a plan that ensures you’re eating properly balanced meals at the right times of day. That, of course, is much easier when you have a lot of variety and they taste good. Boredom and denial are the banes of weight loss hopefuls.

Start your day with a portioned healthy breakfast. Your body is hungry! It’s been fasting for hours while you sleep. Now it’s awake and ready to go, but running on empty. Like a car that’s low on fuel, it’s not going to go very far or fast. And, when you finally fill it, it will have the urge to guzzle.

Even if you don’t feel hungry or are short on time, grab a piece of whole grain toast, a glass of fresh juice or some fruit. It will get your metabolism going and start your day off right. Keep that fuel proportioned and evenly balanced to your lifestyle, and you’ll be doing well all day, every day. You’ll think clearly, feel more energetic, and happier. And your weight will find it’s ideal place – and stay there.

Of course, regular exercise plays a key role in your overall health as well. It’s an important sidekick to eating right. You don’t have to be a body builder. Or overdo it. But the right balance there too will increase your metabolism, so you burn more calories if that’s your goal. More importantly though, it works with your diet to lay the groundwork for a heart healthy life.



Don’t worry about the numbers. Remember – muscle weighs more than fat. Care more about how you feel and how your clothes fit.

Eat more often. Five to six small meals keep hunger and cravings at bay, and burn calories more consistently. You eat more and lose more.

You are also further ahead eating more – of the right foods. No empty calories! Eating right and more of it improves your weight and your well being – physical and emotional. The right foods make you happier. You’ll look better. Feel better. Age better.  Be better.

It’s what we care about.

Talk to us. We’d love to hear about your diet journey.