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Embrace the Summer with Athletes Kitchen’s Graceful Eating Habits!

Summer brings longer days and a desire for outdoor adventures and dining delights. But fear not, for Athletes Kitchen meal delivery service has come to the rescue! With divine meals prepared just for you, all the cooking, cleaning, and thinking are taken care of. Simply heat up and savour the nutritious goodness – it’s like having magic in the kitchen!

While patios and curbside pickups may be tempting, let’s do some detective work first! Athletes Kitchen ensures top-notch ingredients, avoiding harmful oils like canola and margarine. Sneaky starches like corn starch are out of the picture, thanks to our secret weapon – digestive enzymes, always ready to support your tummy.

Let’s talk about dishes! Opt for primo cuts of meat – ribeye steak or wild-caught fish like steelhead or sockeye salmon will tantalize your taste buds. Quality fats from the animal are embraced, and when it comes to veggies, we encourage eating the rainbow! From green beans to broccoli, rapini, and asparagus, our veggie entourage is ready to delight. If greens are not available, a simple salad with olive oil and lime dressing will do the trick!

Now, heavenly carbs, the angels that complete the dish! Moderation is key, so opt for a baked potato or some rice as the perfect sidekick. No need to indulge in heavy stuffings or fried temptations – let’s keep it balanced.

Armed with digestive enzymes and mindful portioning, we dine like true culinary champions. Summer becomes a season of health and humour, enjoying delightful meals from Athletes Kitchen.

For more foodie inspiration, visit our AK Life page, filled with grocery lists and pantry purging tips to delight the inner chef in you. Bon appétit!”

Written by Oscar Naziri for Athletes Kitchen.

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