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Environmental toxins

How can I stay healthy when it’s all around me?



It all starts with you by making a contribution!

Toxic in our food?

As shocking as it may sound, factory based food systems use many chemicals such as: harmful preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, food colouring (dyes), artificial flavours, food chemicals to preserve, genetically modified foods, hybridization of natural foods, and hydrogenated oils. Toxic to our body yet found in the western food and in grocery shelves, they simply mess around with our neurotransmitters and effect hormones that keep us healthy. The toxic chemicals weaken our system and open the doors to many health related issues we are facing today.

What is hybridization or crossbreeding?

The wheat used today that we make bread product you eat now is not what it was 100 years ago. The crops have been crossbred, fertilized with chemicals and pesticides. The soil it’s raised in has very little minerals and it’s getting worst by age. Food and agricultural scientist developed ways to produce more with less waste, but at what cost? The food that we eat is not real, even when it looks, smells and tastes real. The nutrients entering in our body is foreign to us and cause many health issue with our digestion. In return altering our genetics and how we could feel. 

My goal is not to confuse or scare you by any means, it’s to provide you with enough information so you can make the right decision for your wellbeing.

The price of convenience

Our hectic life has increased the demand for convenience, and manufactures in favour of the growing demand have answered back with higher profits, faster harvest and less healthy. Unfortunately both of these factors have drove us away from the simple approach of eating natural food raised with integrity. Today we are introduced to more environmental toxins then ever before in the history of man kind. If we don’t act now, we will face more health complications in the future.

Toxins are around us, but how can we make a difference.


1. Environmental toxins inhaled -> Avoid being around chemicals.

2. Food chemicals in our diets -> Avoid all process foods.

3. House hold cleaning products with chemicals -> Make or purchase a natural product.

4. Hand soaps, shampoo, conditioners  -> Use a natural product, mostly found in organic sections of the supermarket.

5. Moisturizers and face creams -> Easily made with essential oils or can be purchased at the organic sections of the supermarket.

6. Genetically modified food and hybirdization -> very hard to avoid, but first step is to eat more organic and avoid corn / wheat / soy based products.

7. City life -> Go for a walk into the park or get out to the country every now and then.

8. Sanitizers -> Stay away, they strip away our health by destroying our gut biome.

9. Pasteurized foods, like dairy and fruit juice -> get whole organic unpasteurized versions, if not possible then avoid at all cost. Pasteurization strips all the enzymes that help us digest the nutrients, which leads to digestive issues.

10. Exposure to unnatural light at night -> Unplugging! Unnatural light exposure at night increases the crotisol (stress) hormone to elevate, triggering our brain to wakeup.

11. Social depravation -> Hangout with friends and get connected.

We live in the most unnatural environment due to advancements in technology. All this has back fired and we are slowly changing human genetics for the worst. Our species is here today because our genes require us to eat simple unprocessed food, in ancient time the process of finding food required us to be active, walk, run, lift. Our modern life has taken us away from the activity and made it easy to eat unnatural food that has altered our health. We are facing more health issues then ever before and with the advancement of science we are patching it with MEDICATION.