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Grass-fed beef

The importance of choosing grass fed beef and grass fed butter


In today’s world, with all the exposure created by social media, it seems very difficult for anybody to keep anything away from the public eye. The industrial meat production industry, has however done an incredible job of keeping their means of productions out of the limelight, despite the well documented problems it creates in terms of ethical, environmental, and health issues. This post will focus on the detrimental effects of consuming conventional meat, and then finish on a positive note of why you should only be consuming organic, grass fed meat.


You are what you eat. I’m sure we’ve all heard this at some point but what does it really mean. Many of the cells in our body regenerate themselves within a matter of days. This means the food and nutrients going into your body are directly responsible for “rebuilding” all the different types of cells in your body. Now if the cow where your steak or milk comes from is being fed genetically modified corn, mixed in with some antibiotics, to prevent it from getting sick while being crammed with hundreds of other cows in a dark shed with no sunlight, and then add in some hormones so that the cow grows at an unnaturally faster rate, what are the cows cells being “rebuilt” with. The answer is shit. If you afterwards consume this meat produced in CAFO’S (concentrated animal feeding operations) composed of shit, you are essentially replenishing your cells with you guessed it, shit. Let me be a little more specific.


Of the multitude of issues surrounding conventional meat being produced on what I like to call these industrial meat operations, let’s start with the world’s current crisis surrounding resistance to antibiotics. According to the UN, there are now approximately 700,000 deaths per year attributed to antibiotic resistant bacteria. Due to extremely crowded conditions in these operations, cattle and poultry are fed constant doses of antibiotics from birth to prevent the spread of disease among them. Therefore the meat being consumed is laden with antibiotics, which is then shipped off for human consumption, directly contributing to the bacterial resistance problems being seen in the world today. Another issue surrounding CAFO’s is the steady use of growth hormone being supplied to cattle and poultry to dramatically increase the amount of meat that can be produced per “cow” or per “chicken”. These hormones have not been properly assessed to determine the impact they can have on the animal itself, and thereafter of the human body after consumption. A study conducted by the EU and the WHO concluded a direct link between consumption of these hormones, and cancer in humans (among other health issues).


Finally let’s focus on the benefits of consuming organic meat (and butter, dairy, etc. for that matter) which is grass fed. The primary benefits from consuming red meat include a higher ratio of omega 3 fats versus omega 6, abundance of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), and also a higher level of carotenoids. Among many documented benefits, omega 3’s can help with depression, fight inflammation, and help prevent cancer. CLA’s can help reduce the risk of heart disease, as well as shed unwanted fat in your gut. Higher levels of carotenoids lead to a more nutrient dense meat with higher levels of antioxidants. This will promote eye, cardiovascular, and skin health, as well display anti-tumour properties, which can prevent cancer.


To sum it all up, not only does grass fed meat (and the dairy products created by it) have substantial health benefits over conventional meat, you are also avoiding exposure to harmful antibiotics and hormones, which can be hazardous to your health. One more thing I forgot to mention, it tastes a whole lot better. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think. It will cost you more, but remember that your health is your best investment.


Alexandre Rouleau

CFSC, Strive Life Foundations, CanFit Pro