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Healthy Hormones = Healthy You

Our brain on FOOD (neurotransmitters and hormonal responses)

When we think of food we generally think of our stomach. If it’s full – we stop. If we feel we have room for more, we keep eating, and sometimes we just can’t stop eating due to the nature of the food we are consuming.
It all starts at the neocortex of the brain in close communication with our hormones. From the moment we chew and taste the textures in each bite, communications with our hormones get started. Our hormones actually have an important roll, one where they signal to our brain on what’s coming in and when to stop.

We are going to crack our western overeating habits and determine how you can beat the system.

If we consume a grass-fed steak prepared with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli, our brain will send signals to all hormones the appropriate messages that we have consumed a nutrient dense food and that we are satisfied, leading us to stop eating naturally.
In contrary to the above example, our brains communication with our hormones are very different when we consume highly processed unnatural foods. Processed foods are highly palatable with lots of emotions built around them. Trouble is that food scientists designed them to do that. Processed food is FOOD WITH NO BREAKS. Our brain sends mixed SIGNALS to our HORMONES, triggering improper functions that disturb the outcome on what needs to be done with the energy going in. Highly palatable aspect of it leaves a tease of happy emotions, which is the reason we eat this type of food when we clearly know it’s bad for us.
Have you ever opened a bag of OREO cookies, only to find yourself finishing the entire pack? Well you’re not alone and it’s not your fault! You just experienced the “cocaine” like effect it has on your brain.

Your hormones are confused and our guts are getting the worst of it.

When brain to hormone communications are not being transmitted correctly many things are at risk. The overuse of antibiotics, day to day toxins in our environment, and heavily processed foods can all wreak havoc on your microbiota, damaging membranes and creating what is known as leaks through the gut. This allows for a very toxic internal environment that creates a massive internal inflammation. When your gut biome balance is out of whack, you become tired and sluggish, foggy headed, and generally weak. In fact, an imbalanced gut is linked to conditions as diverse as diabetes, obesity, depression, eczema, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Over carb consumption and its effects on digestion and overall health.

Higher carbohydrate diets metabolically rely on your system to burn sugar for energy. Sugar is a fast burning energy and much easier choice for our bodies. This doesn’t mean we should avoid carbs altogether; it simply means that we need to monitor the amounts required depending on our energy needs. We highly recommend carb intake in the form of natural sources like tuber veggies instead of grains or processed foods, they provide less spike in your blood sugar and more sustainable energy without the crash after effects.


Food should have you feeling great, energized and healthy. There is much more to the science of only consuming whole natural food over high palatable processed unnatural foods.

Below we have recommendations for alternatives to help you get over the emotional connections you have with eating processed junk foods.


Craving Triggers ~ Healthy Alternatives

Want something sweets ~ Fruits

Want something salty ~ Salted Nuts and seeds

Carving something greasy ~ Eggs, Meats, Fish, Avocado, Olives

How about some carb ~ Potatoes or any other tuber family vegetables

Thirsty ~ Just drink water!

By avoiding candy, chips, fried foods, soda or any liquid based calories you will force yourself to eat more natural foods. This will take some discipline and will-power, but in time it will become habit and a healthier lifestyle.