Eating healthy. Easy as 1,2,3...

We make eating healthy easier than ever. Follow the three step process below to start feeling better from the inside out.

Select delivery date

  • Minimum of two delivery dates are required to proceed with check-out.
  • Meal delivery occurs weekly, every Sunday and Wednesday.
  • Meal delivery occurs between 3pm and 9pm EST on delivery dates (Sunday & Wednesday).

Choose your meals

You can choose between two different plans:

  • Option one: Custom meal selection. Choose from new meal options every week.

    Please note: menu options are different based on delivery cycle.

  • Option two: Chef’s choice. Meal selection is populated for you based on previous order and meal selections.

    Please note: Chef’s choice looks up your last order and provides a similar setup automatically before so you receive more of the food you enjoy.

  • A minimum of six meals need to be selected per delivery period.
  • Every delivery date has different menu options, offering you more selection and variety.

Delivered to your door

  • Delivery dates are every Wednesday and Sunday (weekly).
  • Meals are delivered in a cooler box with ice packs to keep food fresh.

  • The biodegradable ice packs can be poured in the sink. Cut the bag open, pour the solution down the drain using hot water to dissolve the gel.

    As an additional option: Members can return ice packs to our in-store location during business hours once you have 10 or more to redeem AK points for use on future meal orders.

  • Fresh meals come to your door every Sunday and Wednesday.