Eating healthy. Easy as 1,2,3...

We make eating healthy easier than ever. Follow the three step process below to start feeling better from the inside out.

Select delivery date

  • Minimum of two delivery dates are required to proceed with check-out.
  • Meal delivery occurs weekly, every Sunday and Wednesday.
  • Meal delivery occurs between 3pm and 9pm EST on delivery dates (Sunday & Wednesday).

Choose your meals

You can choose between two different plans:

  • Option one: Custom meal selection. Choose from new meal options every week.

    Please note: menu options are different based on delivery cycle.

  • Option two: Chef’s choice. Meal selection is populated for you based on previous order and meal selections.

    Please note: Chef’s choice looks up your last order and provides a similar setup automatically before so you receive more of the food you enjoy.

  • A minimum of six meals need to be selected per delivery period.
  • Every delivery date has different menu options, offering you more selection and variety.

Delivered to your door

  • Delivery dates are every Wednesday and Sunday (weekly).
  • Your meals are delivered in a cooler box to keep food fresh.
  • Please return ice packs once you have 10 and we will issue you points to be redeemed for meal discounts. Please note: Identify your last order number on the box when returning ice packs. We encourage that you recycle and reuse to help make the world a cleaner place.
  • Fresh meals come to your door every Sunday and Wednesday.