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Meditation can heal your soul, it’s the act of faith. Our world is noisy and we’re busy, but it’s critical to set time for yourself and connect within.
When we meditate we tend to focus on a space to clear the mind, which in theory sounds like the appropriate approach. However, in practice many people struggle to meditate due to the force of concentration.

Here’s how to make mediation easy in only 5 minutes a day:

  • Step one: Let go of control
  • Let your mind do as it pleases; if it has a thought, let that thought take you where it leads. If you feel sad, happy, depressed, or mystical. It doesn’t matter what the feeling or thought is with in you, just let it be.
  • Enlightenment is the natural state of consciousness, letting go of the thinking mind is the ultimate act of faith.
  • Step two: Forget about your body
  • Let your eyes stay open if you feel they should, close them if that’s what you desire. This should all be effortless, in the means of just letting loose.
  • Posture is important, but not critical. I want you to be as you are, but due note if you are lying down it may lead you to sleep during the meditation process.
  • Step three: Location, location, location
  • Meditation can be done anywhere, it’s a way to ease the mind, enter a spiritual environment and let go of thoughts.
  • Thoughts came and go, you are not your thoughts, you are the witness of your thoughts.
  • Step four: Practice makes perfect
  • Meditation can be practiced at any given time, in any state of posture. It’s simply the means of relaxation and entering our true natural state. The more you meditate the easier it will become.

In spirituality we ask ourselves, who am I? What am I? We may think that we are our thoughts, and have been shaped by our environment to believe we are a certain way. This is not true, all this is a contamination of our surroundings. When you meditate you will be in touch with a soul that will rise you above. A soul that was always there, from the moment you can remember. It has never changed, but needs to be found within.