The Benefits of Eating Organic That Most People Don’t Know 

You can walk down the street right now and buy a burger for less than $2.

You might wonder what it’s made of, where the ingredients came from, which dangerous processes they underwent, and how it could possibly be so cheap. But for $2, what can you really expect?

You could of course walk down a very different street and buy a very different burger for closer to $20.

You would be told exactly what it was made of (actual beef!), you would know for certain where the ingredients came from, that they underwent almost no processes at all, and that the money you spent went towards your health and wellbeing.

But it’s still hard to pay that extra $18, isn’t it?

More for less

It’s hard to pay that extra money because we’ve been taught to think in dollar terms. We are constantly looking to get more for less. That’s how we know we’re getting a good deal.

The problem is that this equation misses some rather important details.

Sure you get more food, but that’s not all you get. You often get more of other things as well. More pesticides. More additives. More health problems later in life.

And you don’t just pay less either. You also often get food with less nutrition. Fewer vitamins and minerals. Fewer antioxidants.

In other words, you get more of the bad and less of the good.

But is it worth it?

At the end of the day, the decision to put health and quality before expense is a personal one. Buying all organic produce costs more money. There’s no doubt about that.

But at Athlete’s Kitchen it’s all we serve for a number of reasons.

For one thing, it’s been proven to be more nutritious. When it comes to getting the quality nutrients that your body needs, organic whole foods can’t be beat.

For another, the health effects of eating pesticides and genetically modified organisms are still largely unknown at best. and linked to chronic diseases at worst.

Finally, I’m a stubborn perfectionist. To me a perfect world should be filled with great food that takes everything into consideration as far as our health is concerned. Your body and health is the one thing that you have for yourself and your family, and that’s something that I am simply never willing to cheap out on.

 When your health comes first, passing up the $2 burgers of the world is easy.

Athlete’s Kitchen

Credits: Steele Roddick is a creative writer and fellow health enthusiast. You can read more of his work at