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Processed foods and pills. The new normal?

It’s called junk food for a reason and it’s making you sick. Processed foods are made of chemicals and unnatural ingredients that harm our health. To counter attack, the damages, we now see an increase of medicines created to help us feel better.

Why do we eat processed foods?

Food chemists created ways to hook us and trigger our mind to eat more. Ever notice you eat a few bites of your favorite chocolate bar, only to find you ate the whole thing? That’s what it was intended to do! Foods like this tends to leave an emotion behind, one of comfort. If you’re sad or not feeling great, you’ll turn to junk, (high sugar foods) quick relief only to find yourself feeling worse after.

Pay the farmer now or pay the pharmacist later.

Medicine can be prevented by changing our diet and lifestyle. Medications are made to cure or patch illnesses, but our bodies are very forgiving, and changing our diets can help us lead a medication free life. We love the saying: “Every bite is fighting disease or feeding it.”

Why did we start eating this way to begin with?

In the early 70s we started modifying our food system. Helping it grow faster, more efficient, and very cheap with higher profit margins. What sounds great in theory, came at a high cost to our health. This food was designed with very little nutrients, high in sugar, and mostly preserved with food chemicals and dyes.

Addiction, habits and how to change for a better life.

Junk food is all around us, even in foods we may not think would have them. They are addictive and they are very bad for us. Most importantly they get us one step closer to taking medication. Ultimately they leave us feeling foggy, stressed and at the least of our natural performance.

We have more information than ever in the history of mankind.

The odds are against us, our world is full of toxic food, triggers are everywhere and it’s making it harder for us to stay on track. The greatest advantage we have is knowledge, things we know today that were not available to previous generations. Use this knowledge and regain your health. Lead this lifestyle, so others follow you.

Here’s how to beat the top junk cravings.

  1. Chocolate bar = Choose dark chocolate 70% and over with Monk fruit used to sweeten.
  2. Candy = choose fruits instead.
  3. Greasy burger = make it with grass-fed beef and quality fats
  4. Grocery shopping = avoid the middle isles.
  5. Cereal and milk = how about eggs and veggies with a slice of avocado
  6. Packaged food = make it from scratch, it’s much more fun and you know what’s in it.