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Tips for eating well during the summer

During summer, the days are longer and we are generally more active, but we also tend to eat out more. How should we really feed the machine if we are always on the go? An easy solution is to eat Athlete’s Kitchen. We take the cooking, cleaning and thinking out, and leave you with simple nutritious food to enjoy. Just heat it up for a few minutes and serve! I get it, you also want to enjoy the outdoors and restaurants. I don’t blame you, but you should consider the following things to stay on the health wagon. Know your restaurants; do some ground work before you book the next curbside pickup or patio outing. Make sure these restaurants are using quality meats and vegetables, and that they are not using poor quality oils, such as canola, margarine, or any hydrogenated oils. Also note that starches such as corn starch can cause havoc in your tummy, so be ready to take some digestive enzymes prior to eating out. I carry mine with me every time I go out; it’s just another easy way to get your body ready to digest some of the foods that it’s not used to consuming. Now comes the fun part: choosing the dish! I always look for a good cut of meat, and if I’m feeling red, I go with a ribeye steak, or a wild caught fish like steelhead or sockeye salmon. Hopefully you get the idea that quality comes first and I don’t shy away from the quality fats the animal has to offer. I make sure that most of my plate consists of preferably green vegetables, but I’m open to all colours as I love eating the rainbow. At a steakhouse you are usually limited to green beans, broccoli, rapini, and asparagus, which are all great options. If cooked greens aren’t available, opt for a nice salad with simple olive oil and lime dressing. Here’s the part we all love: the carbs! Yes, we should have some carbs; it’s what completes a dish and keeps it balanced! Just don’t overdo it; we all know it’s too easy to do that. Pick a simple carb, such as baked potato or rice, and try to stay away from stuffings and fried carbs. There’s your simple night going out! Also be prepared with some digestive enzymes and portioning the food to meet your dietary requirements.

We have a lot of information on grocery lists and pantry cleaning on our AK life page that might also interest you!


Written by Oscar Naziri