About us

Our Start

We are Athlete’s Kitchen. We don’t believe in food fads or taking the fast route. We don’t believe in diets or deprivation. We believe in simple and clean meals – the good stuff. We believe you can enjoy food and still see the results you want to achieve. Our meals are made fresh and from scratch every week – providing your body with the nutrients and energy it needs for you to be successful and achieve your goals. We’ve created a program to encourage a healthy lifestyle and we believe in the life-changing power of our system.

Our Story

Knowing how to eat right can be hard. We know your struggles because we’ve had them too. In fact, we started in your shoes. My wife and I were busy professionals, struggling to find healthy options that fit into our lives. We’d often find ourselves in our kitchen surrounded by cookbooks and recipes. We fell in love with the experimentation process of creating delicious and healthy foods and in time, we loved the results our meals had on our bodies even more.

We then decided to take a risk. My wife Yalda and I left our 9-5 jobs and committed to sharing the secrets of how to eat healthy and love food with others. We truly believe the key to success is not to diet, but to enjoy food that’s good for you. In those early days, we put in tons of hours learning about how to feed your body with what it needs, no matter your goals. Our curiosity for sharing our lifestyle with people has continued to grow and we couldn’t be more proud to hear success stories about our customers eating and feeling better.

Our Promise

Food is our thing. It’s what we do! Our promise to you is that we’ll never compromise full-flavored food from local sources when creating our dishes. We promise to go the extra mile, to create minimally processed ingredients and to make food from scratch. Never frozen – always delicious.

Above all, we promise to keep our philosophy of keeping it simple for you. We believe in simple ingredients and creating a simpler life for you.