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AK Lifestyle Guide

AK Lifestyle was created to encourage balance and holistic living. Our team firmly believes that combining all of the elements below will help you achieve health on a new level. Although food is only one part of a lifestyle change, living it fully with these actions can really change your life.

Artifical light and learning to unplug We all love Sleep, but do we get enough? We often hear people bragging about how little they sleep and how much they achieve. But, did you know most people sleep much less than the recommended amount? Not sleeping... Read More
Not all calories are made equal Calories may appear the same, but are they really? This is a subject that has had many different perspectives, it's very critical to understand the different types of calories and how they effect our overall health. Read More
Processed foods and pills. The new normal? It’s called junk food for a reason and it’s making you sick. Processed foods are made of chemicals and unnatural ingredients that harm our health. To counter attack, the damages, we now see an increase of medicines created to... Read More
Why do diets generally FAIL? We don’t like the word diet. We call what we do a lifestyle, one where we live it every single day. A lifestyle has to be sustainable, yet full of experiments, there are learnings, highlights and some pit falls. Read More