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AK Lifestyle Guide

AK Lifestyle was created to encourage balance and holistic living. Our team firmly believes that combining all of the elements below will help you achieve health on a new level. Although food is only one part of a lifestyle change, living it fully with these actions can really change your life.

Supplements that may Benefit Athletic Performance: Caffeine, Creatine & Protein There are many supplements on the market that claim to enhance performance, help build mass, and aid in recovery. Read More
Importance of Muscle Mass Starting at the age of 25, muscle mass can start to diminish. From ages 40-70, muscle loss averages around 8% per decade and after age 70, this can increase to 15%. Studies have shown that the loss in muscle mass can... Read More
The 3 Types of Hunger Often times we eat due to hunger, however, that's not the only driver for reaching for something to eat. Read More
Exercise or diet? Which is better for fat loss I recommend creating a plan that includes both exercise AND nutrition that you will ADHERE to and be CONSISTENT with! Read More
Has your deficit become your new maintenance? In a Caloric Deficit and Not Losing Fat? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you aren’t in a deficit! Read More
why should you invest in a Meal Prep Service? Meal prepping isn’t just about cooking the food. It is menu planning, macro tracking, grocery shopping, preparing the ingredients, cooking the food, weighing the food and packaging the food. All of these steps require time and energy and can be... Read More
Optimize your recovery! Recovery isn’t just stretching. It’s also stress-releasing activities, stress management, sleep, and lots of recovery-based movement. Read More
Nature’s Multivitamins There are many nutrient-dense foods that nature has provided us. Let’s talk about two in particular: liver and oysters.  Read More
Recovery If you want to build a strong body, don’t over-estimate strength training or under-estimate recovery! Keep in mind that in order to get results you need both a stress (strength training) and a recovery. Read More
Adaptive Thermogenesis You will often hear people say their diet worked well only when they were following it. Then when they increased their food intake again, they gained back all, if not more, of that lost weight. Furthermore, you hear chronic... Read More
Saturated vs Polyunsaturated Fats Fats sometimes get a bad reputation! With all of these ‘fat-free’ or ‘low-fat’ labels, we can easily get confused and overwhelmed with what information we should follow or listen to. Read More
Metabolism Metabolism is the sum of every process in your body: digestion, immunity, detoxification, sex drive, repair, hormones and so on. Your metabolism runs on the 3 macronutrients: carbs, protein and fats. Read More
How we make a healthy butter chicken Butter chicken is a well-loved dish by many people of all cultures. This dish originated in the 1950s in Delhi, the capital territory of India. Like many other recipes, it was created by chance. Read More
Eating Behaviours There are three main factors that tend to influence our eating behaviours: environmental influences, bodily influences, and learned behaviours. Read More
How we make a healthy butter chicken Butter chicken is a well-loved dish by many people of all cultures. This dish originated in the 1950s in Delhi, the capital territory of India. Like many other recipes, it was created by chance. Read More
Sarcopenia Did you know muscle mass naturally declines as we age? Keep reading to see why and what steps we should take to slow down the aging process.   Read More
The importance of protein Do you know much protein you need? What are some good food sources of protein, vegetarian sources included? When do you need to eat more protein? Read More
Fuel your workouts and avoid burnout Want to get the most out of your workouts, without burning out? Continue reading. Optimizing your nutrition, in combination with lifestyle factors can positively impact both your performance and recovery. Read More
Tips for eating well during the summer During summer, the days are longer and we are generally more active, but we also tend to eat out more. Read More
Sleep Sleep is something we take for granted! Read More
Athlete’s Kitchen 2021: Toronto’s Leading Meal Delivery Service Oscar Naziri, Founder of Athlete’s Kitchen, chats with us about his successful Toronto-based company that delivers meal plans to your door. His philosophy is to create delicious food from simple, locally-sourced ingredients to promote a simpler, healthier life. Read More
Top 5  Supplements for the Winter First and foremost, throw away your multivitamins! Most people think they should simply take a multivitamin and call it a day. The issue with this is that they contain too much of some things and not enough of others. The... Read More
How Bone Broth can preserve your youth Have you ever consumed bone broth before? Do you even know what bone broth actually is? I discovered bone broth about 10 years ago when one of my holistic nutritionist friends suggested I start consuming it to speed up... Read More
Be more resilient with adaptogenic mushrooms So you’ve been working out, training hard at the gym and getting your healthy meals conveniently delivered to your door by Athletes Kitchen. But then you noticed that people at your office are beginning to get the cold and... Read More
The difference between pre and probiotics The concept of gut health has been gaining enormous traction over the last few years (and rightfully so). We have only started to uncover the immense complexity that is the microbiome, and many people now claim to have the... Read More
Could your hormones be contributing to weight gain? Life is all about balance. This is a common philosophy that has been adopted more and more in today’s society. Balance comes in many different forms. Many of us strive to achieve balance in our personal lives and work... Read More
Happy Mind = Happy Life Having a positive mindset is something that needs to be cultivated.  One of the most effective tools in cultivating this is through a gratitude practice. Read More
Is there such thing as eating too clean? So you eat clean. Great! You eat clean consistently. Great! You eat the same clean foods consistently. Not so great. Eating too many of the same types of foods, even the cleanest foods, can alter your gut bacteria and... Read More
Mindfulness is Your Weapon Against Stress Mindfulness has reached its tipping point. Once a mysterious, fringe practice, it simply means becoming more attuned to the present moment, often through meditation. Top achievers — from financier Ray Dalio to media magnate Arianna Huffington — have raved about its benefits. Athletes having been... Read More
The Death of Diets As a health and fitness professional a frequent question I find myself answering is what I think of the newest fad diets on the market and dieting in general. Let’s just say I don’t believe in them! Read More
Environmental toxins As shocking as it may sound, factory based food systems use many chemicals such as: harmful preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, food colouring (dyes), artificial flavours, food chemicals to preserve, genetically modified foods, hybridization of natural foods, and hydrogenated oils. Toxic... Read More
Grass-fed beef In today’s world, with all the exposure created by social media, it seems very difficult for anybody to keep anything away from the public eye. The industrial meat production industry, has however done an incredible job of keeping their... Read More
Healthy Hormones = Healthy You When we think of food we generally think of our stomach. If it’s full - we stop. If we feel we have room for more, we keep eating, and sometimes we just can’t stop eating due to the nature... Read More
Artifical light and learning to unplug The light bulb was one of the greatest inventions in history. We light our homes, hospitals, streets and more. With the innovation of Artificial light came new jobs, and the practice of the “night shift” was created. Now businesses... Read More
Not all calories are made equal Calories may appear the same, but are they really? This is a subject that has had many different perspectives, it's very critical to understand the different types of calories and how they effect our overall health. Read More
Processed foods and pills. The new normal? It’s called junk food for a reason and it’s making you sick. Processed foods are made of chemicals and unnatural ingredients that harm our health. To counter attack, the damages, we now see an increase of medicines created to... Read More
Why do diets generally FAIL? We don’t like the word diet. We call what we do a lifestyle, one where we live it every single day. A lifestyle has to be sustainable, yet full of experiments, there are learnings, highlights and some pit falls. Read More