Frequently Asked Questions about our Services

We try to answer the most common questions, but are always an email away from providing you more information.


Are you a subscription service?

Athlete’s Kitchen runs a flexible subscription service. You can amend or suspend your order with three days notice prior to the next delivery period.

Is there a minimum number of meals per delivery?

Yes. We require a minimum of six meals be ordered per delivery period.

Is there a minimum subscription length?

Yes. The minimum subscription/order is for two deliveries.

Can I skip a delivery or two?

Yes. If you’re traveling or would like to pause your subscription for any reason, simply log onto your account and manage your delivery dates. Please remember, changes can only be done if you are within the three day cut off time. Penalties are applied for late changes, with no exceptions.

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How much will it cost to get one week of food delivered?

It depends on how much food you plan to consume, but there are some entry level orders. You can customize your order based on the amount you would like to spend, and the meals you would like supplied by AK. We recommend starting the order process to gauge the cost, as there is no commitment to purchase.

When is the deadline to place my food delivery?

You must place an order three days before the next delivery date. For example, you must place an order by Thursday at midnight for a Sunday delivery, or Sunday at midnight for a Wednesday delivery.

When will I be charged?

Upon becoming a member and going through the delivery and meal selection process, you will be prompted for payment. In order to proceed with delivery a validated form of payment will be required at checkout.

What is Chef’s Choice?

Chef’s Choice is an alternative to selecting your own meals for each delivery. In order to proceed with Chef’s Choice, you must enter your meal selections for a minimum of one delivery. From here, our system will use past preferences to decide future meal selections based on your past meal selections. This option is perfect for busy individuals, who would prefer not to choose their own meals for each and every delivery.

I have Chef’s choice but I need to pause delivery. Is there a way to do this?

Yes. Chef’s choice has a calendar which can be accessed from your account. Within this feature you’ll be able to pause deliveries within 3 business days of your next order.

What if I want to end Chef’s Choice and select my own meals?

You can easily do that. At any time you can switch from Chef’s Choice to custom selection. However, the same notification period applies. For changes to apply, you must switch your account settings three days prior to the next delivery.

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Can I add or remove meals once I place my order?

Yes. Every delivery period must have a minimum of six meals per order, but you do have the ability to edit an order up to three business days before the delivery date.

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When is the cut off time to select meals for the following delivery?

We require a three day lead time for all orders to ensure delivery. There are no exceptions and late orders are not guaranteed.

If I don’t pick my meals how will Chef’s Choice charge my credit card?

Your payment method is stored on file and your last delivery order is saved to our system. Upon your next order, we will charge your account with the same setup you selected for your previous delivery. If you wish to change your payment method, you can go to your account settings to do so.

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How do I deactivate my subscription/meal service?

Use the deactivate slider under the Chef’s Choice tab at the login portal. You must check all pending orders under the delivery tab and changes cannot be made inside the three day ordering window, any orders inside this window will go through. If you have a balance remaining, it will be maintained as store credit for future use. Store credits are non-refundable.

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Can I pause my account?

Yes. You must log in and update your calendar to show skipped deliveries. Note: changes must be made no later than Thursday at midnight for Sunday deliveries, or Sunday at midnight for Wednesday deliveries.

Trial Orders

Do you offer one-time delivery?

We offer flexible subscriptions; our minimum is two deliveries per order.

Do I get charged again on my credit card if I only purchase one order?

No. The only reason you would be billed again is if you have the Chef’s Choice option selected. Otherwise, you simply pay for the deliveries and meals purchased.

Is there a minimum number of meals to be selected?

Yes. To submit an order you need to select a minimum of six meals for a duration of a three day period.

Is there a way to taste a meal before ordering?

We don’t offer samples, but we assure you our meals are of the highest quality. We offer high-end, casual-style cooking loaded with flavour. The menu is always changing to ensure that you don’t get bored with the meals. We only use grass-fed beef, organic chicken, pasture raised turkey and Oceanwise certified seafood.

Do I have to pick up my trial meals?

No. All our meals come direct to your door, no matter the order size. Delivery charges are dependent on where you live.

Meal Contents

Are your meals Organic? Natural?

Athlete’s Kitchen meals are nutrient-balanced with a healthy mix of protein and the right amount of vegetables. Our meals are always natural and organic ingredients are used when available. Our meats are hormone free and from local farms. The produce we use is always fresh and never frozen, from Ontario farmers. Our meals are free from hydrogenated oils, modified starches, man-made dyes, and preservatives. Unlike many “healthy” meal plans on the market, we say NO to sugar, table salt, wheat flour and high fructose corn syrups. We use spices and natural sugars for seasoning, and use rice bran and coconut oil for the healthiest choice in high temperature cooking.

Is your food always sourced locally?

Whenever possible we source from local farmers and producers. However, due to seasonality and ingredient requirements, at times we must source from outside Ontario. In this case, we always source from sustainable and GMO free producers.

Can I choose my meals?

Yes. You can do so using our online menu.

Do you offer the same meals for each delivery?

Absolutely not. If we did then you wouldn’t be loving our meals. We have a different menu for each delivery period. If you like choosing your own meals, make sure you go online and select the meals you like to receive. If you’d prefer a simpler process, our Chef’s Choice option will select meals for you based on your past orders and food preferences.

Do you have meals for diabetics? Gluten-free meals?

Our Nu-Paleo and Shredding meals are popular for people with these dietary restrictions. We avoid gluten products completely.

Do you have vegetarian meal plans?

Yes. Our plant-based meals are created using only earth grown foods. Additionally, our breakfast options are always meat-free.

What if I have food allergies?

We avoid using major allergens such as peanuts, soy, corn, pork, and shellfish in all our meals. If you have other food allergies, we recommend you carefully read ingredient lists during the selection process. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate specific food requests due to our kitchen format.

Which meal plan is right for me?

We all have different body types and goals. Check out the various meal types we offer to see what meals meet your needs and activity level.

Do you offer gluten free meals?

Indeed we do! We are against using gluten products, so our kitchen is completely gluten free. Any flour based recipes are created using flours from nuts, coconut, or other grains, which are gluten free alternatives to wheat products.

Am I able to customize my meal? Select different sides?

No. Due to the volume of meals we create we unfortunately cannot offer individual customization to every meal. However, you are able to choose your meals using the custom selection feature, which would allow you to pick meals based on your preferences.

How long do meals stay fresh for?

Each meal comes with an identifiable ‘fresh before’ date, which will indicate when a meal should be consumed by to guarantee freshness.

How should I store my meals?

Meals should be refrigerated immediately after you have received them, please don’t leave food out in room temperature unless it’s at 4 degrees.

Can meals be frozen?

Our meals are always fresh and never frozen. However, if you chose to freeze our meals, we recommend eating them within a month of putting them into the freezer to ensure that the meal quality is maintained.

How should I defrost meals if I decided to freeze them?

If you have to freeze the meals, best practice is to do it immediately when you receive them from us, natural defrosting is done by placing the meals in your refrigerator overnight. Never defrost at room temperature or in a microwave.

How are recipes created to ensure they follow guidelines of Athlete, Nu-Paleo, Shredding and Vegetarian diets?

We put in lots of research to ensure recipes follow the dietary restrictions of various lifestyles. We are food specialists, who work with industry leading chefs who develop meals from scratch. We have over 200 recipes on hand to ensure diversity and quality for your meals.

Can I find Macronutrients of each meal?

On our website, we provide nutrition information for every meal, which includes the breakdown for fats, protein, and carbohydrates. This information can be referenced during the meal selection process.

How do I prepare meals at home to eat?

Our meals always arrive fresh and never frozen. Meals must be refrigerated prior to consuming. When you’re ready to eat a meal, simply pop it into the microwave or the oven! We list specific heating instructions on each meal label.

What happens if I don’t like the food that was delivered?

Your feedback is very important to us. We do our best to make sure all of our meals are pleasing, however, it can take time to learn your preferences. Unfortunately, refunds are not given if the meal is simply not to your liking. However, we want to ensure you enjoy your future meals. We use member feedback to craft future menus and eliminate unpopular meals. You can also use the custom menu selection option to ensure future meals meet your preferences.

Can I see the meals available before ordering?

Of course. You can start the order process and explore our meals and menu with no commitment to purchase.


When does Athletes Kitchen deliver?

Athlete’s Kitchen delivers twice weekly. We deliver on Wednesday and Sunday between 3 pm and 9 pm EST. Athlete’s Kitchen cannot guarantee a specific delivery time, as routes are calculated by weekly delivery schedules.

I ordered a week’s worth of food but only got a partial delivery. What happened?

Athlete’s Kitchen delivers twice weekly, every Wednesday and Sunday, to ensure your meals are always fresh.

I have more meals than I can eat.

Athlete’s Kitchen meals and packaging are freezer-safe. We suggest that you freeze our meals if you cannot consume them within three days.

Can I pick up my food instead of it being delivered?

Our deliveries are pre-planned, and our store space is limited. However, in urgent circumstances, we will try to accommodate you. Please email us three days before delivery for requests of this nature, however, no holds are guaranteed.

What if I’m not home to accept the delivery?

Not to worry! If you are not home during delivery, our courier can drop the meals off at your front door, or with a concierge.

What if I live in an apartment or condo?

If your residence requires front desk/call box access, it is your responsibility to ensure our drivers have access on arrival. If not, meals will be left with your concierge. If the driver cannot enter the building to complete delivery, the delivery will be missed, and no credit will be issued.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery costs are calculated upon entering your shipping details. Delivery charges are calculated based on the distance required and will appear on your order summary.

How does my delivery come to my home? Will it stay fresh?

Your Athlete’s Kitchen meals come packaged in the industry’s best materials to ensure freshness. Each delivery comes chilled in a recyclable cardboard package. Meals can remain chilled for up to 6 hours should you not be able to pick up your delivery immediately.

What to do with the ice packs

Your food deliveries come chilled using biodegradable ice packs to keep food fresh upon delivery. Once you’re done unpacking your order, ice packs can simply be drained (liquid is environmentally friendly), As an alternate option, ice packs can be returned to Athlete’s Kitchen in exchange for AK points. ​To do so, you must bring a minimum of 10 ice packs in-store during business hours for the points to be applied. Another way we recycle and reuse.

Am I able to track my delivery?

No, but the driver will send you a text notification when they are within a 5 KM radius of your drop-off. If you’re not home, please text drop-off instructions to your driver.

Where do you deliver?

We are located in Toronto, Canada and currently only deliver within the Greater Toronto Area. Our delivery zones are located on the Order Page and delivery charges are relative to your individual address. If you want to explore your order zone and cost, we recommend checking our website.

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Account / Billing

How do I make changes to my account?

Any changes to your schedule or meal plan must be done three days before the delivery date. You must log into your account and make the changes or email: for assistance.

I am going on vacation, how do I change my scheduled delivery?

Delivery changes must be done by logging into your account. Please note that you need to make changes with a minimum of three days prior to any delivery date.

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How does billing work?

All accounts are charged on your first order and when new orders are placed. If you have selected the Chef’s Choice option, then you will be charged automatically on all upcoming deliveries.

What payment methods are available?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

What happens if my payment method fails?

If your payment method fails, your account and deliveries will be paused. You will receive an email notification and will be prompted to provide updated payment details. Deliveries will not continue until payment method is updated.

When will my Chef's choice auto-renewal charge be processed?

Chef’s choice subscriptions will be charged weekly, every Sunday and Thursday Morning. Charges will not occur if the member has paused any deliveries within the applicable time constraints.

I have Chef’s choice but I need to pause delivery. Is there a way to do this?

Yes. Chef’s choice has a calendar which can be accessed from your account. Within this feature you’ll be able to pause deliveries within 3 business days of your next order.

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Can I make changes to my Chef's Choice order after the automated transaction has been processed?

If you’d like to make changes, members have the a full 24 hours on Sunday and/or Thursday to make any adjustments necessary to your order.

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What happens if I cancel an order within the cut off deadline?

Any canceled orders made within the cut off, will be provided as store credit for future meal selection.

What happens if I change an order, but my balance is higher than my previous purchase?

If there is a balance remaining, the additional funds will be provided as a store credit for future meal selection.

What is your cancellation policy?

Any changes to your account must be made three days prior to the next delivery day. All cancelled orders will be converted automatically into a store credit. Without proper notice, no returns or credits can be issued.

What is your refund policy?

We only offer full refunds in special circumstances, where a customer can no longer use our services. Refunds will take 3-5 business days to be processed, and will include a $35 administration fee.

Can I change my shipping or billing address?

Yes. By visiting Addresses under your Accounts tab, you can change either your shipping or billing address. Any changes made within three days prior to an upcoming delivery will not apply to that delivery.

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Can I change my payment method?

Yes. Under your Accounts tab, there is a section for Payment Methods. By clicking Manage Cards, you can add, delete, or edit your cards on file. Make sure your billing address on file matches with the card you are using.

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Can I change my user information?

Yes. You can edit your user information in the Account Settings section under your Accounts tab.

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Can I view my invoices from past orders?

Yes. Under your Accounts tab there is an Invoice section. You can view or download your invoices.

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Can I change my notification settings?

Yes! You can edit alerts by visiting your Accounts tab. At the bottom you will find Notification Settings. You can set your notifications to arrive through text, email, or both.

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Can I track my account activity?

Yes you can. Your User Log can be found in your Accounts tab when you log into your account. Click on View Activity to view the log.

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Do you offer gift cards? How do I purchase?

We do sell gift cards. Our Athlete’s Kitchen gift cards are available on our website and can be shared with friends and family digitally for redemption on their next order. Gift Cards can not be redeemed at our In-store location.


Why do I need to become a member?

We have created a community that focuses on having you eating right and loving it. We encourage our guests to become members of the Athlete’s Kitchen program so that we can customize your meals and plan to your preferences. This also allows you to customize your meals and account information, as well as automatically becoming a part of our loyalty program.

What is the loyalty program? How do I earn points?

With our loyalty program, you earn points on every dollar you spend. Points are accumulated and displayed in your account details. Points can be redeemed starting at the $20 value.

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