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Has your deficit become your new maintenance? Overcoming Plateaus with Athletes Kitchen Meal Delivery

Struggling to Shed Pounds? You Might Not Be in a True Caloric Deficit!

Are your weight loss efforts hitting a standstill? It’s time to decode the science behind it. Beginning a new diet and amping up your activity can yield initial progress, but what if you hit a wall? Here’s the secret: Metabolic adaptation may have transformed your previous deficit into your current maintenance.

Don’t despair! Two Paths to Progress Await:

  1. Forge a Fresh Deficit (if feasible)
  2. Opt for a Diet Break: Boost maintenance calories now for future deficit success

Pushing your limits by further cutting calories or upping workouts can work initially, but what if those options run dry? That’s your cue to embrace a diet break strategy—upping calorie intake and muscle mass. Yes, you read that right!

Muscle Mass: Your Caloric Incinerator

Uncover the vital role of muscle mass in dictating your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), your body’s energy powerhouse. Our golden rule: Before tweaking calories or activity levels, master your MACROS.

For instance, envision two months of 1800-calorie days—150g protein in the first, and a meager 80g in the next. The result? Not the same! Protein packs a punch with its high Thermic Effect of Food, demanding more energy for digestion. But here’s the catch: you’re still operating within a positive energy balance. Magic foods don’t exist; you won’t out-burn intake.

Navigate Fat Loss Wisely: Your Blueprint

  1. MACRO Assessment: The Key Foundation
  2. Tune Calories and/or Boost Activity
  3. Elevate Your Diet: Welcome the Diet Break, Elevate Muscle Mass, Ignite a Future Deficit (Yes, Give it Months!)

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