Local Pickup Terms & Conditions


  1. Each order placed requires either A. a minimum of two order dates selected, or B. subscription to Chef’s Choice. Each order requires a minimum of six meals (not including add-ons). Each date in our calendar reflects our delivery dates. If you are placing an order for Local Pickup, you will be picking up the following day.
  2. Chef’s Choice is a subscription that can be deactivated at any time in your Chef’s Choice tab. It will process orders for you every Wednesday night at midnight for Monday pickups, and every Saturday night at midnight for Thursday pickups. You can cancel for store credit or edit these orders in the 24 hours after it’s processed. You can also pause any order dates you would like, but once an order has gone through it can only be cancelled for store credit, otherwise a refund can be processed with a fee (see below).
  3. After Sunday night at midnight, orders for Thursday pickup cannot be cancelled or refunded. After Thursday night at midnight, orders for Monday pickup cannot be cancelled or refunded. (Three day window for changes before a delivery)
  4. Changes can be made to your account at any time, but will only take into effect for the next delivery if it’s within the three day window. (payment method etc.)
  5. There is a three day window before a delivery where you cannot cancel or refund an order. If you’d like to cancel an order before the three day window, the funds will be converted into store credit within your account. We only offer full refunds in special circumstances, where a customer can no longer use our services. Refunds will take 3-5 business days to be processed, and will include a $35 administration fee.
  6. You can place Athlete’s Kitchen orders twice weekly. Pickup orders come in a paper bag. If you are unable to pick up an order in time, you can request Athlete’s Kitchen to freeze your meals. Any orders that are not picked up will not be refunded.
  7. If you have food allergies, we recommend you carefully read ingredient lists during the selection process. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate specific food requests due to our kitchen format. We cannot promise that cross contamination will not occur in our kitchen (some meals contain nuts, some do not)
  8. Your feedback is very important to us. We do our best to make sure all of our meals are pleasing, however, it can take time to learn your preferences. Unfortunately, refunds are not given if the meal is simply not to your liking. However, we want to ensure you enjoy your future meals. We use member feedback to craft future menus and eliminate unpopular meals. You can also use the custom menu selection option to ensure future meals meet your preferences.