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Why do diets generally FAIL?

We don’t like the word diet. We call what we do a lifestyle, one where we live it every single day. A lifestyle has to be sustainable, yet full of experiments, there are learnings, highlights and some pit falls. It may not be easy and it’s a journey, but we’re here to help and have recommendations to take you to your new lifestyle.

  • Most diets have us focused on calories. We have many apps to help us track what’s being consumed. Not to say this method of calories in and out won’t provide you with short term results, but our focus is more health related and long term results that focus on sustainability and longevity of life.
  • Fitness Models run extreme variations of diets that are mostly focused around insulin (carb) based and low fat, adequate protein given the athletes needs to sustain the cell growth. The diets most athletes run gets modified as they progress and some extreme dieting is involved that harm the health of the individual. This leads to regaining the unwanted weight.

Ancestral studies by archeologists and neurologists prove our bodies are meant to eat whole natural foods in perfect balance, mostly consisting of animal protein, lots of veggies from all types, including some tuber (starchy based) veggies with high levels of healthy fat. Modern agricultural methods have pushed us farther away from this method and labeled fat as the enemy and processed carbs (pasta, rice, wheat) as the base line to where we should get our energy. A high protein, low fat, carb monitored diet might get short term results, but don’t expect this to make you feel great long term.

The answer is to eat more real food, knowing that fat is not the enemy (only the right type of fats). Carbohydrates are not the enemy (but knowing to choose the right carbs from vegetables) and protein being the king of the macronutrients does play a big part in cell growth.

An ancestral diet (lifestyle) has proven many health benefits and makes it hard for us to overeat given it’s nutrient dense content.

It’s time to take matters into our own hands and question why we are in need of so many meds? Why we have so many health issues? Why we have so much obesity in the western world? It all starts with our food system, and the lies they have sold us. Educate yourself with ancestral ways and try to incorporate a 30 day challenge or reset to see how you feel. We’re confident you will not regret this journey, you owe it to yourself. Stop the diet, live the lifestyle that’s going to reshape your DNA.

In life we have many elements that need to be aligned together, we are not bits and pieces. We are a whole system, and in order for this whole system to work, we need the 4 elements highlighted as the core of AK life: meditation, nutrition, rest, movement.

If you have poor sleep or if you’re skipping your exercises, and making bad food choices, all or one of these things are contributing to why your falling back into old habits.

It’s not easy to be perfect, but that’s where the problem starts. We want to be perfect the first time and when we’re not, we often give up and go back to old ways. Our suggestion is to set smaller, incremental goals.

How often or can I have any junk food?

The answer here is to know yourself. If you are generally healthy, or struggling with your health and weight, the answer may vary. However, in our experience, we don’t have too much self-control over trigger junk foods, so we should avoid or limit to one “cheat” meal a week. The key here is cheat meal, not cheat day.

Overall, our advice is to prepare a plan, set small goals, and incorporate our life elements into your daily routine. If you fall short on one try to balance it the following day. Go easy on yourself, it’s not a race, it’s a new lifestyle.