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Top 5  Supplements for the Winter

March 7, 2021 3:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

First and foremost, throw away your multivitamins! Most people think they should simply take a multivitamin and call it a day. The issue with this is that they contain too much of some things and not enough of others. The result? You receive too much of some nutrients, and become deficient in others! Athletes Kitchen’s top 5 picks for this winter are: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin B Complex, Krill Oil.

How Bone Broth can preserve your youth

May 29, 2020 11:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Have you ever consumed bone broth before? Do you even know what bone broth actually is? I discovered bone broth about 10 years ago when one of my holistic nutritionist friends suggested I start consuming it to speed up my recovery after my hip surgery.

Be more resilient with adaptogenic mushrooms

October 25, 2019 5:52 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

So you’ve been working out, training hard at the gym and getting your healthy meals conveniently delivered to your door by Athletes Kitchen. But then you noticed that people at your office are beginning to get the cold and flu, and now you are worried that you may get sick too, which prevents you from going to the gym and doing all the right things as you are on this path to your best fittest self.

The difference between pre and probiotics

October 1, 2019 8:37 am Published by Leave your thoughts

The concept of gut health has been gaining enormous traction over the last few years (and rightfully so). We have only started to uncover the immense complexity that is the microbiome, and many people now claim to have the secret recipe to heal your “leaky gut”. Although the intentions are good, it’s important to understand that nobody has all the answers to how exactly our gut bacteria impacts our health, but we do know that it plays a huge part in digestive health, inflammation levels in the body, prevalence of disease, and now has even to show a huge part in neurological health.

Could your hormones be contributing to weight gain?

September 16, 2019 6:54 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Life is all about balance. This is a common philosophy that has been adopted more and more in today’s society. Balance comes in many different forms. Many of us strive to achieve balance in our personal lives and work lives. But what about our health? Abiding by the philosophy that moderation is key may not be enough to achieve a holistic balance for your body.

Is there such thing as eating too clean?

July 6, 2019 1:30 am Published by Leave your thoughts

So you eat clean. Great! You eat clean consistently. Great! You eat the same clean foods consistently. Not so great. Eating too many of the same types of foods, even the cleanest foods, can alter your gut bacteria and leave you feeling bloated. Sound familiar?