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Modern life has provided us with many advancements in science and technology. With its convenient benefits, we have some disadvantages as well. Today, we MOVE less, EAT more, and SLEEP less. We have modern world stressors, and lack of real social connection. Modern advancements in medicine have also provided ways to patch our modern life issues, but don’t address the underlying cause of why we are degrading. Below are tips and tricks to move through our modern lives.

We travel in cars and sit behind desks. Many people simply don’t have time to work out. However, movement can come in different forms. Try ditching the cab ride, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking farther and walking to your destination. Create situations for yourself to be more active, and try to get one hour of movement per day!

We EAT more today than ever before, this is how our species has been able to survive from the beginning of time, but in our modern world with highly unnatural processed foods we have depleted our health. Processed, hyper-palatable foods make it hard to stop eating, we call them food with no breaks. Unlike real food they don’t have the same effects, they mess with the Nero transmitters of our brain.

Our fast-paced environments, mean we work more and SLEEP less. Studies show that we are sleeping 2 hours less than we did in the 80s. We often hear people brag about how little they sleep and how much they get done. Sleep detoxifies our brain, where our signals are being transmitted, including digestion of food, and productivity. So, the next time you sleep less, think of what you are jeopardizing; a day of fogginess, less productive, and added stress.

We SOCIALIZE using technology more than ever. The social aspect of gathering has been reduced drastically. Studies show that social depravation is as bad as smoking one pack of cigarettes a day.

Overall, navigating modern life is tough, but it can be simplified into eating right, sleeping more, moving more, and reducing stress to counter attack all the symptoms.

Movement can mean many things . We mean for you to get out with friends and family. Talk, walk, dance, do things that will destress your life. Eventually you will be tired and sleep better. A lifestyle change requires some foundation and takes time.