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We all love Sleep, but do we get enough?
We often hear people bragging about how little they sleep and how much they achieve. But, did you know most people sleep much less than the recommended amount? Not sleeping enough is much like having the blood alcohol level of an impaired individual. Once you come to the realization you will not be productive without a good night sleep then you can understand why you feel the way you do. Many of us ignore the signs and continue to punish our body, but at what cost?

As important as it is to get 8 hours of sleep a night, it’s equally important to I raise the quality of sleep. Just like quality in food, quality of sleep matters. Below are recommendations that will help you get a good night rest.


Rest Recommendations:

  • Don’t eat too late, try to space out your last meal (3hr)
  • Have quality fats before bed and avoid consuming too much carbs at night
  • Make sure the room is nice and cool (68F and below)
  • Keep the room dark, get blackout blinds if you must
  • Avoid late night Tech (AKA Artificial light)
  • If you must use technology, turn on the blue light blocking glasses or download an app that blocks blue light
  • Defuse essential oils like: organic lavender
  • Apply some magnesium on the heels of your feet
  • Try meditation before sleep to unwind
  • Don’t work out too late in the evening
  • Slowly dissolve an ice cube in your mouth to cool down your system


Sleep deprivation can be tough to spot, but below are some symptoms to be aware of and look for:

  • Increased hunger + increases in caloric intake = obesity.
  • Alerted thermoregulation + reduced energy expenditure = obesity.
  • Increased fatigue and sense of tiredness.
  • Increased stress hormones + reduced of state of concentration.

When you are stressed your internal organs don’t work like they should and your productivity is low. When internal organs don’t function correctly, we open ourselves to multiple illness.

Part of life’s pillars is good and quality sleep. Try setting a steady sleep pattern and see the difference it will make in your life and body.